WordPress - all information in one place + how important is WP for your site?

Do you dream of becoming a blogger? Or do you just need a site for any kind of presentation of content on the Internet? WordPress is the answer to all your online presence needs!

WordPress - all information in one place + how important is WP for your site?

The good thing about the 21st century and technological progress is that today we are all able to have a part of the Internet "just for ourselves". What do you need to achieve that? Name? Space? A personal website?

We’re sure you’ve heard of WordPress, but are you really aware of all the benefits this simple software can offer you?

Big companies like Facebook, Vogue, the BBC, and even Disney have designed their sites just by using WordPress! We are sure that this is enough for you to know to be sure of the quality of this popular website development software.

What does WP offer you? 

1. Easy content control. From now on, it is easy to control all the content on your leased server. Many people still don't know that it is not possible to completely control the content on every site, but in most cases, it happens that you are almost "just a guest" (a guest, on your personal website). That's not the case with WordPress.

2. SEO optimization. WordPress is also known as SEO-friendly software, and many use it for various SEO strategies. What do you need to achieve that? Just some of the free and most popular plug-ins!

3. Page opening speed and WP for mobile phones. WordPress is also ideally suited for phones. Besides that, it's loading pages faster than other similar platforms.

4. Free and easy to use. Even beginners are able to make the site of their dreams with the help of WP software!

But did you know that there are two types of WP? Many are still unfamiliar with the two versions of this software. Wordpress.com and wordpress.org offer different options.

Wordpress.com is an online platform where you don't need domain registration and is ideal for beginners. If you have decided to do serious work online, we highly suggest you use wordpress.org. Why? Because it is a CMS option and has no restrictions. Yet, keep in mind that it requires hosting. Using this "better" version of WP is not complicated at all, so it is possible to do anything you want in just a few steps!

Are you ready to build a brand new site that will serve you and your users?

We think you are!