About Us



Bilfas is making your tasks simple and always done on time with a purpose to make your brand grow and expand in a wanted direction.

Our web agency's primary activity is creating PHP applications and solutions for eZ Publish, ezPlatform, and Ibexa platforms.  

Bilfas is also focusing on building outstanding online stores, Magento and Sylius, as well as all other types of websites, together with SEO optimization. Get ready to meet our digital marketing experts that will transform all needed social media channels, platforms, and profiles!

We love to say that great brands are made by big strategies, and that's exactly what drives us towards creating the highest success.

We craft things from scratch, make ideas you could never think of, and bring outstanding results for your business and brand - whatever your goal is!

Bilfas's team is made of highly experienced professionals with tons of talents that make your dreams become achieved goals.

It doesn't matter if you don't know in which direction your brand should go - we always have an answer!

Need help with some tasks? It's easy to lose yourself in countless obligations that have to be done when we want to create and maintain that winner brand, and especially in nowadays times, when life became faster.


Great brands are made by big strategies


Save time and energy and let Bilfas do it in a professional manner. Expert results guaranteed!


Grab the best advice and ideas from where to start, how to continue, or complete building that winner's brand!

Making a solution proposal

Your graphic solution proposal awaits - just contact us!

Planning the division of tasks

You know how it's said: "Planning is half of the job". Preparation of tasks is probably the other half, isn't it?


Realization of all needed requirements quickly and professionally.

Testing different solutions and performances

Let us find what works best for your brand!


Putting a product into production should always be completed in a thoughtful manner.

Cloud hosting

Application and site hosting won't cause you headaches anymore!

Monitoring and support

Server, site, and app maintenance in an ingenious way.


Be the first one to appear on Google's search engine. Show your targeted audience and users what they have been searching for for so long. Stand out from the crowd!

Digital marketing

Expand your brand in all possible ways and manners - even the sky is not a limit anymore!

Email marketing

Outreach to all needed clients, customers, and companies in a professional style.