This is why you should think about updating your website - part 2

Get countless visitors - update your website. Earlier, we have already written about why you should keep your site up to date - check out version 1. Here, as promised, we will continue to bring you amazing reasons to keep your website up to date and get the most of the traffic.

This is why you should think about updating your website - part 2

Don't neglect stock photos

Every website owner wants to highlight the best parts of their business and services, but most often we tend to neglect "little pieces" which make this happen. And yes, we are talking about stock photos.

We have noticed that too many companies, online businesses, and website owners tend to over-rely on stock photos. But, can those completely represent your business's vision? 
The main question you should always ask yourself is - are the images on your website really representing your business and service? 

It's important to think about optimizing images on the website as well. If you don't want those to affect the site's speed, it's a must to get a little bit of help from the developer.

Marketing - learn how to use CTA properly

An effective call to action will definitely help you reach your goals. You may have the best product or service, but if you don't know how to reach your targeted audience, everything fails.

This is exactly when we come to a call to action. Yes, you need an effective CTA button click and it should be carefully located on your web pages. A professional dev, together with a marketing specialist, will know how to handle this task.

Think about how effective your online presence actually is

Here we come to use smart tools that will help you to realize how effective your online presence is. If you're not tracking progress, there is a high chance that your website isn't doing its best. When you track everything down, with a little bit of help from smart tools, you can know which moves to make and what changes to apply to your website.

Keep in mind that the readers are searching for useful information

In the end, you can have the best design and most-optimized website, but if the visitors/readers aren't able to find the information they've been searching for, everything else fails. Knowing how to do outstanding content and copywriting is a must for every online business owner. Of course, you don't have to do it on your own, if you don't have the talent and needed skills.

Ready to update your website so it can run in the best possible manner? Contact Bilfas - we have professionals that are capable to cover all the mentioned fields and tasks. It's time to make the best of your online business.