If you're interested in evolving your commerce with some of the newest technological achievements, let us represent you Sylius! Some of the best and most modern development practices can be found within it. Besides that, it's an open source platform ideal for customer-centric approach.

Different softwer issues can be easily solved with this platform and help your entire team progress in a wanted way. We are all well-aware that the whole online business is changing globally and on a daily basis, but the good thing is that Sylius follows everything - you won't ever find yourself lost, left behind, or not updated...

All enterprise brands and mid-markets who are searching for custom solutions can easily find everything they need with Sylius. It does two things at once - beats your competitors, and offer your customers an experience they truly deserve.

Numerous arhitects, developers, and CTOs claim that Sylius is definitely one of the best platforms for making your business grow online. 

Here is what you need to know about it:

1. REST API. Sylius has REST API that is very powerful and can help you to complete everything you need in fields of microservices and frontend tasks. 

2. Highest quality standards. We've already said that it may be hard to adapt to the technology that's constantly changing. Sylius is capable to follow it because of its highest quality standards. Besides that, it requires no technical debt.

3. Very easy to host. Sylius is also easy to scale. Use it with VPS, Kubernetes, or even Docker.

4. Completely tested. This open-source platform is also capable to fix all those bugs before your customers even see it. Experience a website with no errors and let your customers get the best service possible.

5. Top brands trust it. Natura Selection claims that Sylius is always the best choice when it comes to creating a perspective ecommerce business online!