React.js - Importance and application in practice

If you have been wondering why you should learn more about React.js, know that we will explain everything to you briefly in just one article. Well, let's do first things first...

From the moment React.js became open-source, the need for this unique JavaScript library is growing on a daily basis. Today, this is one of the most commonly used frames precisely because of its adaptability and the multitude of useful features it offers.

How to build an interactive web application in a "painless way"? Did you know that many large companies around the world manage to achieve all that with just React.js?

If we tell you that Instagram, Netflix, and even Airbnb use this JavaScript library, will your interest in React.js grow?

This efficient framework is able to simply create different user interfaces. Flexibility is one of the main positive aspects of React.js.

Complex UI structures? Not anymore - React.js allows users to reduce them to a "component tree" level and make their job much easier.

We will now list all the important aspects of this JavaScript framework, and give you a closer look at its best sides:

1. Jordan Walke developed React.js.

2. It is used by many famous and large companies. We’ve listed some above already, but there are also BBC, Reddit, Yahoo, and PayPal (among others).

3. It is possible to use React.js to create any web application as well as command-line interfaces.

4. Scalable programs can contain as many as 50,000 components. The best example of how this works in practice is Facebook itself.

5. A leading position that is growing on a daily scale.

6. It's easy to learn how to use it.

7. One-way data flow. Developers are finally able to make all the necessary changes in their project at any needed moment.

8. Uses main libraries that simplify the tasks.

9. Improves the performance of an existing site, if necessary.

10. Minimalist approach understandable to everyone.

When we read all this once again, it is easy to conclude why React.js surpassed the popular Vue and Angular on the world developer lists. Is this enough for you to wake up your curiosity and learn to use some new PHP framework, in this case, React.js?