Top 7 reasons why you should consider switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2

You've probably heard that Magento has released an upgraded version of Magento 1. Luckily, this upgrade has definitely brought many benefits users will simply love. If you're still wondering why you should migrate to Magento 2, continue reading this article because we are bringing all the benefits you'll gain right here.

Here are the top 7 reasons why switching to Magento 2 is a good idea:


Do you want to improve your store's speed and security? With Magento 2, we get improvements in both of these fields. Besides that, this one supports the latest PHP versions. JavaScript is minimized and you can expect to finally get rid of all those unnecessary and annoying browser operations that take too much of your precious time and energy. Static content can be improved with Magento 2 as well because of the advanced browser caching.

It's faster and it comes with improved performance

When we compare Magento 1 to Magento 2, we can easily realize that it definitely makes pages load a lot faster. If you want to process almost 40% more orders in just one hour, it's a good idea to migrate to Magento 2. It is capable to provide more than 50% faster end-to-end checkout times as well. Add-to-cart server response time is improved by an incredible 66%! Yes, you've read that right. It's definitely a huge improvement, and we love it!

Extensions that are not time-consuming

What annoys you the most about Magento 1 extensions? 3rd party extensions can create conflicts, right? We understand that solving such issues can be done manually, but to be completely honest - that truly is time-consuming, and besides that - it costs! With Magento 2, all new extensions are affordable. Also, they're super easy to install and maintain. Magento 2 is using some of the newest technologies like Require.js and CSSS3, which makes all this possible.

Search Engine Optimization

Although there aren't many improvements in the SEO field, Magento 2 is still a little bit better than Magento 1. First of all, you won't bother yourself with duplicated content anymore, and it also allows you to create differently and separated meta tags for the pages you need. One more plus would be is that Magento 2 is definitely better optimized for all phone device versions. Yet, if you want to switch to Magento 2 just because of SEO reasons, you may change your mind because these pluses might not be enough when it comes to the benefits you seek for. Or am I wrong?

Admin panel

Let's talk about the dashboard for a bit. When compared to Magento 1, Magento 2 dashboard is completely interactive. People also claim that it is more user-friendly than its previous version. If you want to make your store work more effective, be sure that the dashboard of Magento 2 will help you achieve that. Besides that, you can always check all the information you need, starting from orders, revenue taxes, or even calculating lifetime sales. This way, you will definitely save a lot of energy while its admin panel works and thinks for you.

What about pricing?

You probably know that some Magento versions are free to download, like community editions. Yet, if you truly want to have all the benefits of it, know that Magento 2 EE can be found for $22,000 on a yearly basis. Of course, many can think that this is not an affordable option, but when you calculate how much benefits it will give you, it's definitely very cost-effective. When compared to the price of the Magento EE license cost, we can easily come to the conclusion that the difference is only $4,000 per year, while the results you have truly make a difference.

Last but not least - security

One thing that probably interests you the most is hashing algorithms, also known as SHA-256. And yes, you can relax now because they are definitely strengthened and you won't need to worry about your password management anymore. PHP sodium extension makes your connections reliable and secure. 

One more thing to know - Magento 1 will soon stay out of support. I don't think I should talk a lot about that because you 100% know that it's not easy and safe to work that way. 
Overall, when we think of all the benefits Magento 2 can bring us, and when we compare the prices, it's definitely clear that everyone who uses Magento 1 should definitely migrate to Magento 2.