Magento - electronic business put on a professional level

If you want to hear more about the advantages of Magenta, the good news is that you're in the right place to achieve it! We have done a big research and a brief evaluation of all the benefits this platform can offer you in e-business.

Well, let's start from the beginning ... What is Magento in the first place? The easiest way to describe it is to present it as an "open source" platform that is free. We’ve already come up with the first reason why you would try and love it, haven’t we?

Magento is most loved by online sellers, but also by customers and developers. Reason? An easy-to-use platform that offers a handful of options.

Over 150,000 companies worldwide are satisfied with the features offered by Magento. Developing sites online is easy in many ways, and the best thing is that Magento supports a large number of payment methods, which customers especially like.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of Magento:

1. CMS system. Every developer will tell you that they like to work on a site with a CMS system because they're able to manage all the content in a simple and flexible way. Also, sellers are thrilled with the idea that there is no limit when it comes to selling the product. This platform is both suitable for those who want to sell 5 products and the others who want to place 55,000 products!

2. Advanced architecture created according to the needs of vendors. It is good to mention that in addition to the free version of Magento, there is also a paid, ie more advanced version of the platform.

3. It saves money, is easy to upgrade, quick to install... As you can conclude - a simple platform created for everyone's needs, doesn't require technical knowledge. It saves money too because you don't have to spend it on different licenses similar platforms require.

4. Many well-organized functions. From now on, everyone is able to customize their site in the desired way.

5. The best e-commerce platform for mobile version. We often come across poorly made versions of sites and platforms for mobile devices. Fortunately, that is not the case with Magenta either.

6. Integrating extensions is easy.

7. SEO optimization that works for you. It's also easy to create a highly ranked site with Magento options and features.

Besides everything being said, it is also good to mention that for this platform you don't need technical knowledge in the field of site administration. Of course, for the complete creation of the site with the help of Magento, it is good to consult an expert (a developer).