How to choose a quality hosting provider?

Are you creating a new website? If you've already chosen a domain name, the next task would definitely be the selection of web hosting. When we search for quality hosting, we actually look for the right hosting package and hosting company.

How to choose a quality hosting provider?

Let's start everything with the hosting company... The most important thing you need to know is that here we need to focus on speed, support, and security. Unfortunately, you cannot get all those information before you become a user of a certain hosting company, but what you can do is find the necessary information on the Internet. And that's exactly what we are going to do here...

Okay, before we start to get familiar with all the important steps in the process of choosing quality hosting, it is important to say that it is good to test the technical support first. Why? The simple reason - you will need them if you encounter a problem (and you will definitely face it, it's about time). The speed with which technical support responds to your requests is therefore very important.

* Interesting tip - keep in mind that if you choose a local hosting company, you will be able to solve all problems faster by phone, which is far cheaper than calling abroad, right? 

What are the types of hosting?

First of all, the most important type we want to mention is shared hosting because most people use it. This type of hosting is the best choice if your company is small or medium. With shared hosting, several sites are on one server, and all other tasks related to site maintenance are taken over by the hosting company.

Virtual private server (VPS) is the next term you should know about. It is a separate part of the software and it's completely independent. Sites and companies that use certain applications and have higher needs often opt for this type because it provides much better flexibility and brings additional options.

Dedicated servers are the third type of hosting. The easiest way to explain this type is with just one sentence - the whole computer is just yours! The perfect choice for someone who needs hosting for a big business. Of course, it's also the most expensive choice.

About processor speed and the frame rate

Don't give yourself a headache while thinking about which hosting package is suitable for you. It is easier to focus on important items when choosing them. Let's see what hosting providers actually charge when you decide to use shared hosting! These are, of course, the flow, but also the disk usage on the computer. Take only two minutes of your free time and ask yourself these questions - How many visitors will you really have on the site? How much content will you present? It is clear to everyone that different multimedia content requires more space, and if your website is really cluttered with photos and videos, it is wise to consider choosing a better hosting package.

Do you have an email with a personal domain? Note that this is also an item that requires disk space. In fact, when we think a little better about all that data that will require space, the best advice is to be sure to take SSDs instead of standard hard drives.

We have also prepared some terminology that will make this whole process easier for you:

1. Bandwidth. This term represents how much data will be able to reach your site, as well as how much traffic will come from users. A simple conclusion? The more data can travel, the better.

2. Addon Domains. Did you know that you can have more than one domain associated with your new hosting account? Addon Domains actually represent the number of these domain names. So, choose related to your needs.

3. Uptime. Very important - what is the safe time for which your site can be accessible? What to look for? 100% doesn’t sound realistic but still focus on 99%.

How does geolocation hosting affect the SEO of the website?

It is clear to us that SEO optimization is influenced by different things, but it is also crystal clear that one of the most important items is the speed of loading, which can definitely be affected by web hosting. In a fast-paced world like today's, no one wants to wait for a page to load. Well, in order to keep visitors, and therefore gain profit, it is good to know how the geolocation of the hosting affects SEO ranking. Of course, the loading speed of your website is not the same if the web hosting is in your country, or on another continent. Although our world is well networked, it is actually best to have the closest possible location of the hosting server. If you find a great hosting offer that is in your country, know that it is always the best option.

SSL certificate and its meaning

For completely secure online communication and data exchange, it is important to learn what an SSL certificate is. It represents the code on your server that creates the encrypted connection. Identification data is also contained in this piece of code, creating the most secure online communication. Do you need it? The answer is simple - yes, you need it, because your visitors will trust your website. If you have an SSL certificate, online transactions become completely secure as well.

So, can this certificate affect SEO ranking? It can be said that SSL influences SEO because of the seal of trust that users across the planet love, such as GeoTrust, Symantec, and Thawte. Of course, Google itself will recognize the security and reliability of your site, and will therefore rank it better. Secure site that instills trust = more visitors.

Conclusion? Ask yourself these two questions once again - How many visitors will you really have on the site? How much content will you have? And, of course, think about your budget and the location of hosting servers and companies.