Flutter - Build apps of all sorts in a way you want and like!

Want to productively design outstanding applications of all sorts? Searching for a toolkit that will allow you to make that process interesting and simple? If your answers to these questions are affirmative, continue reading this article because we are bringing you countless amazing facts about Flutter!

What is Flutter and why should I try it? This Google UI toolkit is carefully made for designing compiled apps of all sorts! From now on, you are capable to build different web, desktop, and even mobile applications and doing all that from just one codebase!

Those who want to build apps for embedded devices will be happy to hear that something like that is also possible with Flutter.

First, let's see what would be some of the biggest advantages this Google's UI toolkit can offer to you. Those are:

1. Enjoy fast development of applications of different types and sorts. Can you believe that you can build an app in literally less than a second? Stateful Hot Reload is one of the best Flutter features and it will allow you to use different widgets, and later on - customize them in a way you want and need. Building native interfaces won't take days or weeks anymore, but only a few minutes.

2. Flexible UI. Do you want your applications to focus on native end-user interfaces? With Flutter, you can expressively ship different features that are needed. Full customization is another amazing benefit of this Google's UI toolkit. Its layered architecture will help you create such apps that come with beautiful and flexible designs. Rendering is also very fast with Flutter.

3. Its native performance is what users love the most. Have you seen what Flutter's widgets look like? They are so amazing that they can incorporate all differences you may find on the platform, such as icons, font types and sizes, navigation, and scrolling. Flutter also uses Dart's native compilers that make the code of this Google's UI toolkit equal to different native ARM machine codes.

Okay, now that we have seen some of the biggest advantages of Flutter, let's explain those benefits in detail.

When it comes to fast development, you are finally able to enjoy hot reload - this benefit will not only allow you to do things faster but also enjoy experimenting and building UIs when needed. Besides that, you can add features whenever you want. Later on, you are also capable to fix all bugs. As you can realize, improving your entire app while experimenting and getting the most out of it is what Flutter allows you to do!

Did you know that there are many award-winning apps that were built just with this Google's UI toolkit? Sounds amazing because everyone is now capable to try their own talents and knowledge, without spending too much time, money, and energy on that.

Feel free to explore different and beautiful iOS flavor widgets (Cupertino) and let your users enjoy smooth and relaxing scrolling. There are also countless Material designs that will allow you to express your talents and ideas to their maximum level!

We have already said that numerous users all around the globe adore Flutter's native performance, but what we haven't said is that it's available both for iOS and Android versions and devices.

Who is using Flutter already? Yes, we've mentioned above that there are award-winning applications made by Google's UI toolkit. But what you may don't know is that eBay, Square, Alibaba Group and even BMW are building their apps with Flutter! Of course, Google is doing the same all the time.

Recently, Flutter 2.2 was released, and we will now see what's new about it together. This improved version of the famous Google UI toolkit is bringing us better optimization and it's definitely polished! If you haven't tried Flutter, but want to, you may opt for this newer version if you are searching for:

1. Better optimized caching behavior. Double downloading is now completely fixed and you are capable to get the best service related to caching because Flutter has brought a service-worker loading mechanism.

2. Support is improved as well. Accessibility features are improved too, but they said Flutter will still continue working on support improvement, especially in the area of accessibility support.

3. iOS page transitions are now changed as well. Enjoy a smoother and more natural page transition with the Flutter 2.2 version! If you think that this is only related to the user's better experience, we must tell you that Flutter is always focusing on making the developer's task easier as well. When it comes to iOS and Flutter's new features, it's good to mention that we have iOS incremental installs that can be done during the development process.

4. You are able to build adaptive apps. Check out this session and learn how to do it in the best possible manner!