Figma - discover a new dashboard and create the most innovative team ideas together!

Do you already know the teams and companies that use Figma? What are the benefits of this tool? Figma is primarily designed for prototyping vector graphics. Of course, such vector graphics are almost always based on the Internet, but this software also offers offline functions.

The creator of Figma had one great idea in his head: "A mind that meets other minds is the way great ideas are born!" We believe that this sentence explains a lot about Figma, the vision, and the mission of the software itself.

So, you are able to gather great teams in one place, allow them to share innovative ideas, and improve the product design process from start to finish!

"The next good idea can come from anyone!" Do you agree?

Explore the FigJam dashboard and find out why more and more teams are looking for such a solution in their organization and company.

When we look at some of the biggest advantages of Figma, we will soon come to the conclusion that the main benefits are definitely diverse design features, as well as unique inventions and tools, but also already prepared automatic schedules. In any case, Figma not only gives birth to new and better ideas but also helps your teamwork in the most efficient way - while saving time.

Twitter’s design manager, Bryan Haggerty, said Figma’s main advantage is that it’s fast. He also claims that this is the best choice for simply sharing the design throughout the company or organization. Along with Figma, working with other team members is easy according to Bryan.

Testing? Gathering additional information? How much time do such tasks cost you? It seems to us that they are neverending! But with Figma, you are able to easily present all the necessary interactions, and gather the desired feedback. All this can be achieved with smart applications. Rest assured that they will bring your design to life whenever needed!

Not in the same office as your colleagues? Would you like to share a file with someone who always has a new solution right now? Figma offers the answer to this problem too!

Let's say something about the design systems. The positive side is that you can share a common language and create a completely open culture. Improve your design by exploring reusable libraries and components.

Is it possible to use a completely new version of a design system in just two clicks? Is it realistic to expect all users to be informed about this? According to Lily Nguyen, an Uber designer, this is one of the main advantages of Figma.

Now is the right time to design according to your personal wishes and requirements! If you think there is a better platform that brings everything in one place, with additional options and ideas that will improve your work, Figma will prove you're wrong!

Designing for the web is completely easy. Advanced Pen allows you to draw on vector grids. The port design offers easy creation of clocks, screens, or various statistical tables and displays. Want to present your brand in a slightly different way? In the design section, there is an option called OpenType, which will offer you advanced font options. Be unique!

Customizable design? Yes, it is possible to achieve it with the help of automatic scheduling. How much time and energy did it take you to manually resize the design? We are all well aware of such a situation. We mostly spend hours trying to find the perfect resolution for a particular design. Explore buttons that can resize text, even when other content on the page is on the move. Automatic schedules are also converted directly to code, which will definitely save you a lot of time.

Prototypes that look like a real experience? Static design files can finally become interactive - all without the need for encoding.

Do you want to define even those subtle interactions? Click, push a button? Edit the content and display it the way you want.

Libraries that are always updated and aligned with the code are now easily developed. Know that all your libraries will follow the development of the design, and keep up with it.

It is also important to note that Figma is perfectly optimized for mobile devices, so you will no longer have to worry about whether your users will be able to enjoy the full design experience.

Figma is available to everyone! You can try the free version of this software, but we are sure that you will soon want to have this tool completely. Know that you are able to get a desktop application for macOS and Windows, a Figma mirror for macOS and Windows (live device overview), and macOS and Windows font features.

When we summarize all this, we easily come to the conclusion that Figma is a perfectly designed software that is able to connect all your important components, and improve your business in a simple but also fun way!