How to represent this social media giant in the easiest manner? Whether your opinion of Facebook is positive or negative, one fact simply can't be doubted - just in the first quarter of 2020, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, this social network had an incredible 1.73 billion users on a DAILY basis! We are sure that Zuckerberg's original idea was not to achieve such an unseen success, but the previous Facemash (today's Facebook) exceeded all expectations!

Do you lose a lot if your company does not have a page on this giant social network? Did you know that many companies don’t even have other social networks besides Facebook?

A little about the importance of social networks...

If we can single out one thing that changed marketing radically, then it would definitely be social networks.

Whether it is your desire or idea to create an ideal customer profile (link to a blog), explore his habits, behavior, and interests, social networks (and especially Facebook) can help you to achieve that quickly!

Do you want to prepare content for certain users, and then place it at the right time for a selected group of customers? Social networks are the answer that can finally allow you to reach your target audience quickly and easily.

You have to agree that such a task used to be in the rank of science fiction!

What does your target audience, or simpler - customers of certain services, do on social media platforms? Like all of us, they are somewhere among us... They scroll, research, click the like button, and definitely spend at least a couple of hours a day on social networks - take advantage of that!

You probably already know that your competition manages to bombard them with ads and the benefits of services on a daily basis. Are you late?

Find out more about the importance of Facebook below...

It's 2021 and we have all witnessed the acceleration of digital marketing and the importance of social networks with the emergence of the pandemic and a new, "altered normality." 

What should my company do on Facebook? Do I need this social network at all? If we start with the assumption that you already have a presence on the web, and social networks, we can start with a complete analysis of your content, networks, and sites, and together raise them to a whole new & more professional level. 

Analytics, bounce rate, SEO analysis, and social media tips - get suggested solutions in one place! 

Do you have a business that has just appeared or should appear on the market in the recent future? Or have you not yet embarked on digital waters but are still thinking about it? 

Not happy with the current situation? Not sure you're representing yourself and your services in a proper manner?

We are here to inform you about the detailed system and functioning of social networks individually.

No matter when you decide to start with digital marketing, know that Bilfas makes you always be one step ahead of everyone! Catch up with your competition in a fast, easy, and professional way.

Discover all services in one place!

Our company provides complete services in the digital world.

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Can all services fit under one plum?

Bilfas proves that they CAN!

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