ezPublish / ez Platform, IBEXA Platform

eZ Systems is the previous name of the Ibexa DXP. eZ Publish CMS was created by eZ Systems, and later on, followed by eZ Platform. In the very recent past, the entire company went through a huge update, and that's exactly how we got the IBEXA Platform - upgraded & better version of everything!

What do you need to know about it? For what should you use it? 

This is a digital experience platform based on the Symfony network. If you want to design and develop amazing websites, look no further! 

With Ibexa DPX, you will not only be able to create and upgrade different websites, but all developers are also able to make outstanding web apps, as well as complex e-commerce stores - the best thing is that it all became simple now!

Custom functionality is what makes IBEXA different from other similar platforms - core features can be changed in many ways just by using your own existing knowledge! Of course, this is also a great place to upgrade your skills together with the platform and everyone who use it.

IBEXA Platform is based on open source, as its main features are great connectivity and extensibility. Modern open source technologies offer APIs solutions, for PHP, GraphQL, and REST.

What can you solve and complete with IBEXA? Here are some of the main ideas...

-Core product documentation - create, publish, and properly structure content;

-Commerce documentation - keep your business on the right track;

-Personalization documentation - amazing feature for all big companies;

-Getting integrated PaaS with Ibexa Cloud - no restriction where to host Ibexa DXP implementation - Digital Ocean, Azure, AWS on Ibexa Cloud and more;

-Countless solutions for bug fixes and security patches;

-Modifying and extending core functionality;

-Explore authentication free packages and setup's flexibility;

-Get a better customer experience;

-Share content with numerous setups within the CMS in just a few clicks - get a reliable content management tool;

-Develop apps and mobile apps in a fun and easy manner + solve all sorts of PHP and CMS issues in one place!

The best thing about it - it's easy to install and maintain! Together with low licensing costs, this may become your best choice when working online and extending your business. 

IBEXA is also a partner network with so many big & important companies worldwide. 

You get an opportunity to share experience and upgrade knowledge with others - at any time needed!

Did you know that IBEXA was built on some of the best technologies like Symfony 2 and Twig? That tells a lot about it...